This is a response to Scott McLeod and of the amazing educators who responded to Leadership Day 2009 #leadershipday09

I am currently working on getting my Master’s in Educational Leadership. I have found myself in leadership positions too often to not make it official. In 14 months, it will be.

I have often reflected on what kind of a leader I will be.
Will I be pulled into and have to support a system which I believe needs some serious overhauling?
Or, will I be an agent for change, community building and focusing on the needs of students?
Will I be able to lead so that all of the necessary tasks are done and still have time for the things that really make a difference?
To be very honest, it is a little scary.
The only thing I can say is I plan on trying my best.
It is going to be a heck of a ride and I plan to lean on PLN for guidance as I move forward.
I am grateful to all who shared their insights for #leadershipday09.

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